• Acquisition

The fact that Filipinos are unable to define the real nature of the "anting-anting" makes it more enigmatic. "Anting-anting" is not a common item that can be bought anywhere else and is not easy to acquire. There are lots of debate being held regarding the acquisition of the item. Some people insist that it can be acquired after defeating a certain spiritual giant in a bare hand combat. Still, the others believe that it can be achieved by swallowing a crystal drop of water from the heart of a banana tree at the dead of night. Or it can simply be received from the previous owner. There are several methods to acquire the item, but stealing an "anting-anting" is not an option because the act takes away its power. Thus, the item becomes useless.

  • "Anting-anting" also loses its power when it leaves its master's possession without his knowledge or blessing. The "anting-antings" sold at holy places are considered as patay (dead/blanks with no power). These kinds have to undergo sacred and secret rituals in order to become powerful and effective.

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