Palawan Deities

  • Ampu - The god who wove the world and created several kinds of humanity, hence he is also called "Nagsalad", the Weaver. He is the supreme deity in a system of religious thought that can be qualified as "theist" and “animist." He is a protective watching presence, always invisible to tawbanar or the real people. In the verticality of the universe, andunawan represents his abode. While people live on dunya or earth.
  • Diwata - A benevolent and protective deity stays in lalangaw, the median space, he is the mediator between humans and Ampu.
  • Ampu at Paray - The god of Rice.
  • Linamin at Barat - The goddess of the Monsoon Winds.
  • Linamin at Bulag - The goddess of the Dry Season.
  • Upa Kuyaw - God of Thunder.

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