Shadow on our way

Shadow on our way
December 19, 2008

My classmates and I went out together from a school event earlier to finish some important group stuff. There were four or five of us that night… enjoying each other’s company. While we were heading to a friend’s house not far from the venue where the show was held, the moment of laughter irresistably enveloped everyone. The road was a bit dark and the nearby residences had their lights off already. All we could hear were our loud giggles and squeels… we were very noisy.

As we reached halfway to our destination, I was already starting to feel uneasy. And I instantly gave my friends a passive hint to tone down their voices. Others didn’t quite get it, but one responded, who was also struck a bit by a haunting paranoia that time. She then made a follow-up attempt to silent them. But still, the rest of them kept on with their business. Coincidentially, she was beside me that time.
We were nearing our destination and I was already looking straight ahead. My friends remained carefree, not minding the eerieness of the night’s silence. I still locked my sight on the road as if expecting someone from afar. We continued walking, then suddenly, my eyes captured something up ahead. A vague shadowy image strode across the other side of the road. It was very fast, like a blink of an eye.

I instanly turned to my peers, and surprisingly, the friend beside me quickly confirmed what I saw and made a secret gesture to pull my acts together. She saw it, too, and she didn’t want to frighten the others. So, I decided to subtly call their attention to keep quiet. This time, they understood the implication of my concern and started to settle. Our pace went faster, and I kept on watching on the very spot where I saw the black figure.

Eventually, we passed through it. I gazed around the area and I saw no one or nothing for that matter.

I realized that it was some sort of a warning or something. Who knew what would probably transpire if we continued to mess around? We arrived at our friend’s house safe and sound. But that experience still lingers in my mind until now. That was a lesson for all of us. There’s always an appropriate time and place to make nuisances with your friends.

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