Philippine Gods and Goddesses

Module No.1 : Philippine Gods and Goddesses
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The deities of Philippine mythology are the gods, goddesses and diwatas worshiped by ancient Filipinos before the Christianization of the natives after the Spanish conquest of the Philippines. While not as widely known as its European and Asian counterparts, they have similar elements and characteristics when compared to other mythologies.

  • Objective : This module intends to enumerate the GODS and GODDESSES in PHILIPPINE MYTHOLOGY and identify what ancient Philippine tribe it belong.

Philippine Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Philippine mythology varies among the many indigenous tribes of the Philippines. Some tribes during the pre-Spanish era believed in a single supreme being alongside with the lesser divinities who created the world and everything in it while others chose to worship a multitude of trees as an act of anmism. Below are some of the gods and goddesses of the various ancient Philippine tribes:


  • Instruction: On the line next to each gods/goddesses in Column A, place the letter of the various ancient Philippine tribes in Column B whom it belongs. Answers in Column B may be used only once.


__1. Wigan , god of good harvest.
__2. Kedes - The god of the hunt.
__3. Limat - The god of the sea.
__4. Bago - The spirit of the forest
__5. Ongli – The god of the south
__6. Ampu at Paray - The god of Rice.
__7. Batungbayanin - Spirit of the mountains.
__8. Tasu Weh – The evil spirit.
__9. Litik : The god of thunder.
__10. Sumpoy : God of the afterlife.


A. Batak deities
B. Isneg deities
C. Palawan deities
D. Olden Visayan deities
E. Gaddang deities
F. Agta deities
G. Tboli deities
H. Bukidnon deities
I. Ifugao deities
J. Bilaan deities

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