• Form
There are different kinds of "anting-anting" which come in different forms. It can be a crocodile’s tooth, snake’s fang, whale’s spine, shark’s fin, odd stones, rooster’s spur, guinea bird’s horn, plant's roots, herbs, or anything rare and/or strange like a twin-tailed lizard and two-headed snake.

  • LIBRETTO - a "curse" curse, be large or small, and the shape is square, with circles, triangles and a linear book.
  • INSIGNIAS - a sacred piece of cloth has written shapes also vary.
  • TALISMAN - connecting with the drawings - in different shapes can be wood, metal or tinatatak taking the rock or at home.
  • AMULET - the Medalla have written this letter and Gnosticong emblem.
  • SCAPULAR - anting of reliheyosa / religious devotee for their church, this holy saint for what do they want to devote.
  • MUTYA - can rock, metal or wood with bones become ordinariong extra quality and got this strange and unusual ways, be the talisman that antingong money, charm the other terms, the wand into stone, wood metal is a kind of talisman.

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