Ilokano Deities

The list of Ilokano deities below is from Llamzon.

  • Buni - God
  • Parsua - Creator
  • Apo Langit - Lord Heaven (Apo means "Lord")
  • Apo Angin - Lord Wind
  • Apo Init - Lord Sun
  • Apo Tudo - Lord Rain

The Ilokanos also believed in the following anito (spirits).

  • Mangmankik - spirits who dwell in woodlands and trees
  • Kaibaan - dwarfs who dwell in anthills
  • Bagbagutot - spirits who swell in shrubs
  • Namagayak - the soul of the rice (pagay)

Other mythological creatures are:

  • Katataoan - giants
  • Ansisit - dwarfs the size of a finger
  • Kaibaan - dwarfs two to three feet tall
  • Pugot - spirits of ancestral aborigines (Aetas) who guard treasures
  • Kumao - half-bird half-animals
  • Aswang - spirits that sell and kidnap children

The Ilokanos believed that man had three souls.

  • Karma - ego: responsible for the normal feeling in the individual. It is thought of as vapor and assumes the form of insects after leaving the body.
  • Alingaas - shadow
  • Kararwa - soul, which existed even after death

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