Staring at the wall

Staring at the wall
December 16, 2008

It was late at night, and everybody was already sound asleep. Lights were off and the only thing that kept the room dimly lit was the balb light outside… right at the room’s jalousy windows. There were no clocks inside, but I knew it was almost 12 o’clock in the midnight. I woke up like a zombie, not making any movemets… just stationary and catatonicly staring directly at a wooden wall.

My mind was blank and all I did was simply gazing at the wall just a meter and a half away from my bed. Then all of a sudden, an eerie white figure appeared. My eyes widened and I couldn’t move as if my body was strangled in bed. I froze in shock. I saw a spirit floating, but steady on the same spot. And I could tell it was a male. The face was blurry, but the features were distinctly those of a male. No eyes, only black… just plain black almost occupying the very facial area. What made it even more horrifying was the pose. Its arms were stretched out as if gliding, but stiff. And the lower torso was fading down.

I wasn’t dreaming nor was I half-awake. My sight was locked on the very sighting. Then it was gone… it disappered in the darkness. I was so frightened. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it felt long. My heart beat immensely fast as if it was trying to recover from a state of freeziness. My senses had gone even more active. I covered my whole chilling body with blanket and I forcibly kept my eyes closed… never to open them right then and there.
I was still very young that time, and the next day, no one believed me except my brothers.

It wasn’t imagination. And I know, it happened… it was real!

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