Mythical Heroes

Module No.5 : Mythical Heroes
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Mythical Heroes

Many myths surround the minds of mankind, each culture has their own hero. The ancients created many myths to explain natural phenomenons and human behavior. In many myths, there is usually a hero, a task, and a temptation. Here are some Philippine Legendary heroes :

Stories about folk heroes of long ago were described as "Old Time History" because; they can be used to study the lifestyle and beliefs of the people who produced them. They were also referred to as "Lost", because they were soon forgotten by natives influenced heavily by Spanish and "western" colonization. The famed orientalist, Chauncey Starkweather, stressed that : "These epic romances are charming poem in the Malayan literature."

  • But there are those who perpetuated myths that in the early days of Spanish intrusion, priests in their zealous rage against paganism destroyed all existing records, as well as all forms of writing and art works, regarding ancient Philippine folk heroes. But this is not true. The colorful and fascinating literature of pre-Hispanic Filipinos are still here. Giving the new generation an over view of a heritage that is an unusual and invaluable source of joy and information. Regarding the life style, love and aspirations of early Filipinos. It is from these, wonderful epics, where a Filipino can find his or her national identity.

  • It is from these that a Filipino can feel heroic, truly pulsating with splendor of a magnificent and authentic cultural force.

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