Agimat and Anting-Anting

Module No.6 : Agimat and Anting-Anting
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Agimat and Anting-anting

  • The Agimat or Anting-Anting is a stone or other small object covered with cabalistic inscriptions. It is worn around the neck, and is supposed to render its owner impervious to knife or bullet. Many are wearing these charms, especially the Tulisanes or outlaws. The Anting-Anting must not be confused, however, with the scapular, a purely religious symbol worn by a great number of the Christian Filipinos.
  • The anting-anting, the Philippine amulet, is an essential part of the Filipino folk credo and mythological makeup.
Although it has undergone an evolution of context, commerce and use, the anting-anting still figures heavily in the daily lives of rural folk. Steeped in myth and religion, the anting links to his belief in the soul and his ideas on leadership, power, nationalism and revolution, and contributes a fascinating facet to the complex rural psyche.

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