Ancient Tagalog Deities

This section includes the deities of the Ancient Tagalogs from a certain pantheon story. The first part as shown below were the residents of Kaluwalhatian (Ancient Tagalogs counterpart of Christian's Heaven).

  • Bathala : The supreme god of the Tagalogs; creator of man and earth and addressed sometimes as Bathalang Maykapal.
  • Amanikable : The ill-tempered god of the sea
  • Idiyanale : The goddess of labor and good deeds.
  • Dimangan : The god of good harvest.
  • Lakapati : The goddess of fertility and the most understanding and kind of all the deities.
  • Mapulon : The god of season.
  • Tala : The goddess of the stars.
  • Hanan : The goddess of morning.
  • Dumakulem : The strong, agile guardian of mountain.
  • Anitun Tabu : The fickle-minded goddess of wind and rain.
  • Anagolay : The goddess of lost things
  • Apolaki : The god of sun and was chiefly the patron of warriors.
  • Diyan Masalanta : The goddess of love, conception and childbirth and the protector of lovers.
  • Sitan : The guardian of Kasamaan and the keeper of all the souls.
  • Manggagaway : She was the first agent of Sitan and primarily blamed as cause of diseases.
  • Manisilat : The second agent of Sitan as she's tasked to destroy and break every happy and united family that she could find.
  • Mangkukulam : The only male agent of Sitan as he's task to emit fire at night and when there is bad weather.
  • Hukluban : The last agent of Sitan that also changes herself into any form she desired.
  • Amansinaya : The God of fishermen.
  • Galang Kaluluwa : The winged god present in some creation myths who loves to travel.
  • Haik : The God of the sea.
  • Lakambakod : The protector of the growing crops.
  • Lakambini : He is referred as the god of gluttony, food and eating
  • Lingga : a phallic God.
  • Ulilang Kaluluwa : It is a serpent God present in some creation myths.

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